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the infinite book

the infinite book

The infinite book is an entirely blank book.The book’s content appears only when its pages are turned... +

DadaDataDada Interview Machine

Have you ever seen Jean-Paul II in a dadacenter ? Don't you think he looks patiently charitable?... +


En cas de pleurs de données

internet, est-ce-que tu m'aimes?

Un jour, nous pleurerons nos données, égarées dans les datacenters, isolées dans ces mausolés clignotants. Loin de nous, tous nos souvenirs s'envoleront... +



DadaPrint3R understands what you say, but also links you to the collective unconscious of Google searches... +

Internet, Do you love me?

internet, do you love me?

5 little dogs with bobbing heads listen to you constantly and reassure you, as long as you ask them the right question: Do you love me? They nod... +


The innards of L.H.O., the full set

Le cadre les dessous de l.h.o.

The full panoply : book, Certified tirages, Frame , Stamp and Attestation Certification ... +

the Enlightened

the Enlightened

Its “Don't be evil” slogan might lead us to believe that this company is angelic by definition and par excellence.... +

with or without flour
The work of art in the age of digital reproduction / Procedure

with ou without flour

A ceramic angel is successively “copied” and “pasted” with or without flour. It becomes distorted, a monster of its digital defaults, it takes on new forms, becomes strange. In the age of copy-paste and infinite reproduction, flour doesn't help!
... +


MLPL - 64 / xx
movements'life paper listing

MLPL - 64 / xx

Long list of figures down on a paper listing ... Capture of albertine’s movements through her mobile phone collected data ... +

Your Google Search History Extraction in a readable format
version 3

google diy

This little exercise is totally disorienting… It’s strange, but when I view my Google Search History on Google’s website, nothing bothers me. I feel perfectly at home. Google wants us to think that it’s so cool, it couldn’t be any better... +


Ptit Vincent
or, How Google invented, via PtitVincent, a fake period of art history.
les le ptit vincent
Investigation: Google must not have been pleased that L.H.O.O.Q. was Net Art! So it created PtitVincent on December 15, 2014!
Superstition, reaction or coincidence, 7 minutes after it was created—December 15, 2014 at 4:37 p.m.—PtitVincent assigns L.H.O.O.Q. the type Found Object 
... read more + +


A 8 years and a hlaf long story! 
Google, an unusual friend...... 

google, un ami pas comme les autres... +


The innards of L.H.O., the book

les dessous de l.h.o, le livre

avec les textes
Le ready-made-hack qui rhabille La Joconde, Duchamp et Google
Par Annick Rivoire, journaliste critique et fondatrice du site
C’est du Net Art Captain Kirk
Par Etienne Gatti, critique d’art et commissaire d’exposition ... +

A 8 years long story! 
Google, an unusual friend... 

google, un ami pas comme les autres... +



7ième Ciel

that's my data there
but that's not your affair
data is GAFA
datum is Kaboom
my data is the goose that lays the golden eggs
Lucky Data that can't be sold
when data manifests
it makes Dada
every which way!
when data loses its meaning
it changes direction
I repeat
data is GAFA
datum is Kaboom
data is like an angel
Unisex and pure spirit
that's data
that's data
let it be said! ... +


7th Heaven

7ième Ciel

7th Heaven is a tangible, esthetic and playful installation.
Personalized movable objects move up and down a string according to each person's physical altitude in real time ... +

Access to albertine's Open


6 feet on Earth

6 pieds sur terre

6 feet on Earth is an art installation that is directly linked to Albertine's real-time movements throughout her everyday life.
If albertine is still... nothing moves. The object's behavior does not change.
If she is standing... the object stirs to show a different face.
6 feet on Earth is voluntarily connected to the Sky and the Cloud!
... +


The innards of L.H.O

les dessous lho

The innards of L.H.O shows the innards of Google's Knowledge Graph by taking over this little "semantic" pop-up that appears during a Google search.

It's a sort of ready-made hack!... +

A 7 years long story! 
Google, an unusual friend...  

google, un ami pas comme les autres.. +


Looking for Daisy


Looking for Daisy pays tribute to Eugène Boudin and to cows, his models.
Looking for Daisy is an installation made up of aquarelles of Google cows* found on little country roads through Google Street View, and of a sensor in the form of a simple letter.

Dear Daisy,
Sometimes I look at Eugène Boudin's aquarelles and I ask myself if the age of slowing down time and spending hours painting cows, or watercoloring them, has returned
... +


Pegman Coin


The Pegman coin comes in the shape of a little metal man, inspired by the Pegman on Google Street View. Just like Google’s Pegman, he is destined to travel around the world. We wish to circulate him as a real exchange currency. At launch time, 5 baguettes of bread will be equal to 1 Pegman coin.

Reappropriating this symbol of the Internet and circulating it among good hands is a way of elevating our everyday lives beyond the digital cash cow... +


Your Google Search History Extraction
version 2

google diy

Step 1 - Download the java application to extract your full google search history google-history-extraction.jar

Step 2 - Launch it

This little exercise is totally disorienting… It’s strange, but when I view my Google Search History on Google’s website, nothing bothers me. I feel perfectly at home. Google wants us to think that it’s so cool, it couldn’t be any better... +



Your Google Search History, the book
version 1

google search hsitory, do it yourself

This little exercise is totally disorienting… It’s strange, but when I view my Google Search History on Google’s website, nothing bothers me. I feel perfectly at home. Google wants us to think that it’s so cool, it couldn’t be any better... +

(X) Crossings


Crossings is an object that records the distance between Albertine and Julien in real time.... +




Un monde de paquets

un monde de paquets

I remember my contemplations as I watched a ballerina spin in a bottle of alcohol, listened to a piece of cardboard, attached to a clothespin, rubbing against the spokes of my bicycle wheel... +

Hop hop hop, it's time to live

hop hop hop it 's time to live

The Internet disrupts our perception of time and space. Space may be immense, but it is also imperceptible. 
The time we spend actively, which until recently was measurable and quantifiable, has been severely disrupted. We have lost all notion of time and space... +



A 6 years long story! 
Google, an unusual friend... 

google, un ami pas comme les autres.. +

Hype(r)Olds, internet workhop with 77 years' old women/ seed project


Gangs of wired seniors 
A project by the artists albertine meunier and julien levesque
Supported by the association MCD..

Based on Albertine Meunier’s experiment in Paris with women aged 77 and older (Tea Time with Albertine), Hype(r)Olds is the first Internet and multimedia workshop for women aged 77 and older, a successful project that is currently being implemented in regional cities.... +



Beyond 1m/s

au delà de 1/m

“Beyond 1m/s” physically illustrates the speed of the Internet.
In order to measure this speed, the installation queries Google in real-time every 30 seconds with the phrase “I think”.
Like a water wheel, the Internet sets things in motion... +

Internet Glossairy
with 77 years' old women

glossaire internet avec des femmes de plus de 77 ans

A as anonymous
B as barre d'espace
C as chat
D as disque dur
F as french touch
G as Google j'ai de la chance... +


Volume 1. Jan 07, 2011 to Nov 06, 2006
My Google Search History, le livre

my google search history, le livre

In 2006, Google launched the Web Search History function and began saving users’ search criteria. Since that very first day, Albertine Meunier has been scrupulously compiling her Google searches and publishing them online. More than three years later, Albertine’s successive searches tell a story—not... +




Vanity Tapette

vanity tapette

whoever between the two of us dies first will get an egg beater... +

Eof/Eol, End Of File/End of Life

end of life, end of file

Captured on the fly from Google Books, several decades of Life magazine covers scroll past our eyes... +


Mona LHO

mona lho

Mona LHO is an Internet-connected art piece that restores and displays this Art Market Confidence Index in real-time.Basically, this object is a connected ready-made... +

Google Give me 5

google give me 5

between the rabbit’s foot and the four-leaf clover, protective objects and lucky charms, Google, Give me 5 is also the protector of my future—like an amulet, it offers a « protective hand » so that I can live another day tomorrow... +






Les Trucs avec le collectif Microtruc

les trucs

Objects are passed from hand to hand according to a predefined protocol. They are geolocated on an online map in order to visualize their paths in real-time... +

videos & sons. May 2011 to Nov 2006
My Google Search History

my google search history

Day after day, we repeat this practice: the same gestures, the same reflexes, the same habits. These repetitions create the invisible tracks of each individual’s online itinerary... +


Tiptoe to the Annonciation,
ballet for 12 angelinos

a petit pas vers l'annonciation

The Ballet interprets the work « À petits pas vers l’Annonciation », a very specific reading of the Annunciation to Mary.
Each individual dancer interprets, thanks to Twitter, one of 12 different chosen words from the text of the Annunciation to Mary, Gospel according to Luke, chapter 1, 26-38... +

I love to send postcards to our friend Google

envoyer carte postale à google

Real postcards sent to Google by post office mail... +



My avatar is not a weakling

mon avatard n'est pas un gringalet

Saliva Parties can be organized to get some “real DNA”. It’s quite simple. Just order a kit from 23andme and get some aseptic test tubes. Guests spit into a test tube, which then collects their saliva. In the end, only one test tube is randomly selected and sent to 23andme to decode the DNA. . DOWNLOAD RAW DATA from +


Etre aux anges,
variation pour 7 angelinos

etre aux anges

For panOramas, variation for 7 angelinos, visible in several places online.
Dancers, prisoners of glass bottles, will dance along to the flow of digital data—angel, being an angel, strange—parsed from Twitter feeds, waking the dancers to dance with the angels... +



Around the world,
je martelais sans cesse

around the world

a series of digital tableaux, an online travel journal through an imaginary world made up of very real places. The landscapes of this imaginary world are composed of real elements taken from Google Street View... +

Tea time with albertine, mini summary

tea time with albertine

An internet workshop with women over 77 years old, 3 hours every two weeks since March 2008... +




The angelino


The angelino is an angel detector. A ballerina, imprisoned in a music bottle, awakes and dances to a melody whenever an angel passes on the Internet, or more precisely, when the word « angel » is mentioned on Twitter... +






Stweet is a live online installation that reappropriates photographic and geographical data from the Web in real-time. Its visualization of geotagged Tweets juxtaposed onto a Google Street View scene offers a poetic and enhanced representation of the online information flow... +

Toujours pas sages
an internet workshop in Mali

toujours pas sages

An internet workshop at Ségou ant Sanogola- Bamoussobougou, Mali,
in August 2009... +


Send a Stweet postcard

envoyer postcard

To send a Stweet postcard

* go to sur
* take a screen capture
* insert your capture into the model.
* download the model
* print, fold and glue to have a nice postcard 
* stick a real stamp
* finally write some words and send it
... +







Facebook net instant

instant entre elle et lui

. Take all your friend facebook status thanks to la Big Picture
(eg. 25th march 2008)
. Make a selection of some status
. Create the Facebook instant... +



Dcodd with collectif Microtruc


DCODD is a de localised urban playlist videos. 2D codes are tagged on the sidewalks... +


Free Influencer

free influencer

Considering the number of people whom Marcel Duchamp has influenced, his influential weight is 1336.3 kg. Karl Marx’s influential weight is 7587.6 kg.
Free Influencer uses the open-source database Freebase... +


Exquisite mms with collectif Microtruc

Based on MMS exchanges, Exquisite MMS make up slightly surreal stories somewhere between intimate fictions and documentaires... +

Chroniques sur Facebook, le trombinoscope mondial

chronique facebook


La big picture

big picture

Living Big Picture of Facebook friends' Updates  recorded during one month... +



A pixel is not a little square


I was surprised to learn about the mortality of the pixel for the first time in tech news. The dead pixel of a computer screen. That was when I understood that the pixels surrounding me everywhere could die any day, just like me.... + 


Inspired by the New Hacker's Dictionary

hacker dictionary








M Theory

theorie M

TheorieM is a project mixing Internet, mobile phone, movie, cartography and urban spaces. 2D codes have been tagged in the town of Paris. Each tag is linked to a movie that can be seen on the mobile phone. ... +


Interactive exhibition
with Edison Mobile Remake

interactive edison

Stickers with 2D codes to access to Edison Mobile remakes... +

create the stickers


my name is Onekhong


Onekhong, Laos...+


Do you me ?

you are in mu heart

Le foie d'agneau...+






Edison mobile remake

edison mobiel remake

Thomas Edison, the incredibly modern inventor, was at the origin of this handy tool that we use every day, the mobile phone. As the inventor of the duplex telegraph, the kinetoscope and the phonograph, what would he have invented today?... +



mains & pieds & prière

& parcours sonore Luang Prabang


Une boîte de tripes dans son placard

boite de tripes

This work sheds light on questions, intimate situations, happy, painful or neutral moments stuck to a particular event in my life... +

Destination Luang Prabang 2005,

destination laos

book produced after a trip in Laos during multimédia & internet workshops



A corps et à Christ

a corps et a christ

À Corps et à Christ is a series of 7 short videos around the theme of my relationship with the Christ and its various representations, universal representations... +




15 août 2006

15 aout 2006

Always in our bag or in our pocket. We have only to reach for it, it’s there.
Now with built-in cameras, mobile phones can capture a series of photos and videos shot on the fly... +



video produced with a communicating tee shirt from FT R&D...+




january 2005
albertine meunier decides to exist


cosmos is beside itself...+





november 2004 >
stop calling herself cathbleue


Counter Googlingcounter googling


Dérives urbaines

derives urbaines

Bon je redescends et je m’arrête à 10 km d’altitude. Ah oui. Ah oui de là c’est beaucoup plus visible. Il suffit donc de se décoller un peu de ce qui est trop près, trop collant et aveuglant et en même temps ne pas trop s’éloigner... +



Surveillance pied droit ou pied gauche

performance pied droit peid gauche

[escalator] right foot and left foot observations : analytical study...+



Encore envie d'attendre


Blind and deaf, yet we spend one action to another. Between these moments, moments of waiting.
So every day since our birth until our death, we wait. Our lives are punctuated by these moments of waiting.
But exactly what are we waiting for?...+





Le Voyage immobile

voayge immobile

Daily writings Picabiette, who is fakely in Russia during a Transiberian journey, from Vladivostok to Moscou, and Cathbleue (ex albertine meunier name) who share the journey at distance...+


Christ à vendre

christ à vendre

Pater noster,
qui es in cælis:
nomen tuum;
regnum tuum;...+
















Mon manège à moi c'est toi





Du champs

marcel culotte







Elle est où ta mère ?

Google attitude






de 1998 à 2004            

pas mal de tentatives sur